Make Tabs clickable on the topmost pixel of the Window

Currently in Obsidian, you have to position your cursor at the correct height to hit a tab, which takes some precision.
Every browser or other tab-based app that I’ve used is set up so that moving your mouse to the top edge of the screen still allows you to click on the tab in that position. This way it’s possible to just move the cursor as far up as it goes and click, making switching or rearranging tabs a lot easier.

If this change was to be implemented, it’s worth noting that it would leave relatively little space to grab the window itself when a lot of tabs are opened at once (about a third of the space Chrome or Firefox would leave). However, this could be fixed by forcing that gap to stay at an acceptable width at all times.


Yep, this is a small fix but it would go a long way to improving usability!

I agree! This would make it much easier to quickly jump into another tab.
Interestingly, Firefox for example still has a few pixels of “optical” margin at the top of the tabs so it looks good, but you can still click at the very top. I think that’s a nice solution.

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We really need this as a core feature. It’s annoying to not be able to select the tab in the topmost pixels.

Bump, this is a must functionality for a lot of people and the implementation is as easy as it gets.

I’ve just found out a workaround for this problem.

While reading this article I’ve came up with the idea of changing the CSS to move all tabs higher.

I’ve installed a theme (any theme works) and changed the CSS code a bit:

/* make workspace frameless */
  background-color: var(--background-primary);
  top: -7px;

  .sidebar-toggle-button.mod-right {
  background-color: var(--background-primary);

In case any wonders, the theme is “Typewritter”.

Here are the results:

I’ve also noticed that my fix breaks the colors on the window buttons:


If anybody is more versed than in CSS would be a great help to find a better solution :slight_smile:

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YES! This would be such as small thing to do but a massive boost in usability. I’m always flicking my mouse to the top of the screen to click on a tab but then having to move it down slightly and it’s really frustrating.

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thanks for this. worked like a charm
i copy pasted this into a text file, saved it as a .css file into the CSS snippets folder and enabled it. im no expert, i tried this out of intuition and it worked.