Make spell-checking in code-blocks optional

From the update 0.75, spellcheck will ignore URLs and code blocks. While it is excellent that URLs will be ignored, spellcheck in code blocks should be optional.

I use code blocks to create special comments for qualitative research in my documents, which are basically text. It, too, is code but not programming language code.

I strongly believe that Obsidian should be an editor for everyone not just programmers. Spellcheck in code blocks being optional will allow non programming code in boxes to be still spellchecked by those who want to do so. Making spellcheck not function in code blocks is sadly just following the wishes of one category of users over the needs of any others.

Please do reconsider this feature and make it optional. That will benefit every user.

Thank you for the otherwise excellent editor.


A further side effect of the move to make blocks only suitable for programming code is that markdown tags for italics, bold, etc. are not being accepted within the blocks at all. I guess, this is intended as the block is supposedly meant to be used only for displaying programming code.

So a text that has been made bold only appears as surrounded by asterisks even in the preview/output. An underlined sentence appears with the tags instead of showing up as underlined.

My request is to please allow an option to select if the block contains programming or non programming code. In case of the former, the spellcheck turns automatically off and the tags appear as intended for programming code. In case of the user selected non-programming code, the text block is spellchecked and the code tags function as for the rest of the text.

If there is any other manner in which non-programming code could be included in a box and allow spellchecking and other operations different from for a programming code block, please feel free to share. I will be very thankful for that.

Here is a similar thread about autocompletion suggestions inside code blocks.

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Spellchecking code blocks is very relevant especially in the context of plugins like »Admonition« which uses code blocks (e.g. for quotations I use the ad-quote admonition). At the moment I have to write the citation outside this code block in order to get the text spell checked and then insert it into the admonition code block. There is still no option to activate spellchecking for code blocks. Would it be possible to implement this?

Spellcheck is now disabled on codeblocks.
@AtrusRiven follow this FR:

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