Make linked block text visible under link

Use case or problem

When the linked block text needs to be visible in the doc its linked from. For e.g. I have a store of interview questions which some or all are used for different job profiles. If I link a block of Leadership questions I’d like to see the text in the doc rather than clicking each link and back link during the interview.

Proposed solution

Maybe an extra option on top of the ^ block link feature. The text would not be editable. Probably shown in a grey colour.

Current workaround (optional)

There isn’t one.

Related feature requests (optional)

Couldn’t find any.

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Why not use a header and/or embed the questions you want for that specific job profile?

Thanks. I wasn’t aware it was possible to embed text from another md file. How is this typically done?

@ph4wks: if you just want to quickly preview a link (either to a note or a note heading), you can hold ctrl and hover cursor over the link for a pop up preview.

Assuming your note already has headings within it, the heading link creation process can be completed by pressing the open square bracket twice then beginning to type the name of the note and/or using the up and down arrow until the correct note is highlighted. With the auto suggestion dialog still visible and correct note highlighted, add a hashtag and you will get suggestions for the headings within that note to be linked to.

Be aware that changing the actual heading name within the note (the one you were linking to) will cause any links to that heading to consequently just link to the note. That is, they won’t be updated as is the case with regular note links, and because the link will be trying to go to a non existent heading within a note that does exist, it just takes you to the note. In these cases, you may want to use a mass search and replace to fix the errant headings.

In terms of embedding (or transclusion), it works while in preview mode and can be accomplished by simply adding an exclamation point before the first open bracket of any link, including those to headings. I hope this helps. I know that when I learned this it opened a world of possibilities, so was happy to pass the good news along to you.

Good luck.


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@ph4wks I’ll try to do a TL;DR: type [[file I want to link to# and you’ll see a list of headers to include. Typing [[file I want to link to#^ will give you the blocks instead. If you add a bang right before ![[file I want to link to#a header]] the contents of that header (or block) will be visible in preview mode.

I recommend checking out the official docs to get a better grasp. I recommend checking out the local Help Vault, so you can see the syntax, but here are the publish links for quick reference:

Finally, take into account the advice by @I-d-as. You can support this feature request for propagating header changes: Auto-update links to headers on header title change.

I’ll move this to #resolved-help in the meantime.

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Thats spot on I had no idea. This is going to be extremely useful!