Make HTTP requests from plugins

How to properly make requests to remote websites from a plugin? I tried simple fetch("URL"), but it is blocked by CORS: Access to fetch at 'https://url' from origin 'app://' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.

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My personal fave way to work around CORS issues is to create a middleware server that you control. From there, you can make whatever external calls you want. Then from your plugin fetch($YOUR_SERVER) because you control both ends you can set the correct CORS policy.

A super simple (and free) way to do this is using Glitch’s express server template. Add the cors npm package and use it with express: app.use(cors()). You’ll be able to fetch any endpoint you setup in express within your plugin.

There are other ways and some are faster/easier, but controlling both sides of the request is the best way imho.


Sorry for dumb questions, I’m not really familiar with the javascript ecosystem and approaches. I understand the CORS concept in the context of web pages. But shouldn’t it be possible to make an arbitrary web request from a local application such as obsidian and ignore CORS headers? Creating, hosting and maintaining a separate server sounds like too much of a hassle.

Obsidian is an electron app which means it is essentially Chrome under the hood. You’ll need to handle CORS like you would in any other client-side cross domain request just as the error indicates.

You could try throwing no-cors on the fetch request. Or Google handling cors with fetch.

If you want to go the quick-n-dirty route lookup ‘cors anywhere’. I wouldn’t ship a plugin with cors anywhere though as it’s liable to break.

Setting up a server of Glitch is pretty fast and easy tbh. Just use the express template and move your cross-browser fetching into the glitch app.

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Regular webpages opened in Chrome don’t get access to the file system, while obsidian plugins can use the javascript fs module for local files. I thought that something similar is available for web requests.

If you are okay with your plugin only working in the desktop you can use the package node-fetch. GitHub - node-fetch/node-fetch: A light-weight module that brings the Fetch API to Node.js node’s libraries bypass cors restrictions but are only available in the desktop apps.



I have a similar problem. I want to implement a CalDav Client Plugin and get the same error.

I try to implement a middleware with express and the cores package, but it doesn’t work. Can someone give me please a code example, a tutorial or a link to the Glichßs express server?


You can overcome this by using node.js’ http/https module instead of fetch (or use a convenience module like request). It doesn’t have the same limitations.

require('request')('', (error, response, body) => {