[idea] download images plugin

I think someone will backup Roam database into Obsidian, the images can’t export .

In Obsidian, the url is like https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/firescript-577a2.appspot.com/o/imgs%

so, If there’s a download image plugin in Obsidian, It’s really easy for people who Migrating from Roam to Obsidian.


I would love this as well! I want:

  1. Download all images to local folder
  2. Replace all my img embeds from my Roam notes with the local file link

This should be so easy that someone out there must have done this already…


Unfortunatly this is something that is more on the Roam side of things than Obsidian. It’d be nice if Roam downloaded images, so perhaps there’s a tool to do this, but I’m not aware of where to find it.

Best of luck!

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i’ve tried to do this by writing a plugin.
but when i try to use a function called “fetch”, the console told me:
fetch url was blocked by app://obsidian.md, for cors reason.

is there any advise ?

Thank you try build a download image plugin.

About code issue, please ask in plugin channel on discord, or forum.

I don’t know much code .

thanks for your suggest !


i need this feauture, how i can to do it?

This isn’t a plugin, but I just did this for my own vault using a Python script. In case it helps any other ex-Roamans here. :slight_smile:

Looks like Obsidian’s web browser engine that runs your code blocks requests to third-party sites, because these sites do not allow requests from your current site (app://obsidian.md) according to Obsidian’s CORS policy.

A discussion about work arounds :