Make certain characters/phrases invisible for all notes?

I’ve been playing around with the Obsidian to Anki plugin, and I’m wondering whether there was a way to make the CurlyCloze characters { } invisible in preview mode? It gets messy rather quickly.

This is even more true when I want to add multiple clozes in a single line, as I need to add a number and colon to the paragraph:

This is a {1:line} with {1:clozes} that are {1:all} {1:hidden} the same time.

Is there a way to make instances of {1:x}, {2:y}, etc. hidden so that only x and y are visible in preview mode and are easier to read?

I think there’s a way to do this by replacing {x} with ==x== as, from my limited search of css, highlights can be turned to be invisible, but I’m trying to avoid that if I can (and I can’t seem to make it work by myself :stuck_out_tongue:).

If {1:x} format can’t be hidden, maybe other cloze formats can be hidden?

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