Customizable interpretation of markdown syntax nuances, like CSS

Use case or problem:

Ability to correctly interpret (edit, parse, display) markdown files from other systems directly inside Obsidian (without need of conversion) would be very valuable and in line with Obsidian’s principles/values/benefits of interoperability.

Proposed solution:

I would like to see modular interpretation mechanism to be open for additions/modifications by user, to accommodate all existing markdown syntax nuances. Just like the CSS can be customized and functional units are composed and shared by users.

Currently, this is possible e.g. in PANDOC:

Extensions can be enabled or disabled to specify the behavior more granularly.


Related feature requests:

Additional info:

  • “Large” permanent knowledge base should not have to be reformulated each time we want to use some “little” tool (e.g. Obsidian) on it.
  • Obsidian claims “unparalleled interoperability” and no “lock-in” on it’s main page.
  • Current state of these principles/values/benefits is the only thing keeping me hesitant to support Obsidian financially. Otherwise I admire progress made by developers so far. Thank you.

this would solve e.g.: