Mac & Win desktop/file system "deeplinks", "bookmarks", "shortcuts" into Obsidian…

Looking for something else, I came across an apparently oooold trick, support by both Mac and Windows, to create very simple Finder/Explorer based “bookmarks” (a.k.a. Shortcuts on Windows)… and they work with Obsidian (and well any) URL Schemas!

(This was actually mentioned over here but as a Mac user I didn’t catch what “Create a Shortcut” meant, nor how to do it.)

The trick is simple:

  1. Create a text file
  2. Set the content to be
URL=obsidian://{any obsidian-supported Obsidian URI *}

(note the empty line!) — * c.f.: Obsidian URIs

  1. Save the file with a “.url” file extension and whatever filename you want.
  2. Profit!

Double clicking this file will simply launch whatever URI you put in it. You can create as many as you want, alias them on your filesystem to your heart’s content. You can even give the file a custom icon to make it app-y.

Maybe the creation of such “Shortcuts” should be added to the “More options” note menu? :thinking: :wink: