Can I create a desktop shortcut to a specific Obsidian vault?

I use the default application shortcut, but it always takes me to the most recent vault used. I bounce between vaults quite a bit and almost always want a different one on startup, so it’d be nice to just choose the one I want and go straight there.

If not - is there a way to open Obsidian on the “choose vault” screen (rather than defaulting to the most recent vault)?

(I’m a Windows user, if that makes a difference.)

Have you tried using a short cut with the appropriate uri? See


Ah! Yes, that’s just what I was looking for. Thanks @dknight212 !

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I found this post when checking if this neat trick had been mentioned on these forums yet.

These Shortcuts work on both Windows and Mac. On Mac they are an old undocumented feature, and I explain how to make them here: Mac & Win desktop/file system "deeplinks", "bookmarks", "shortcuts" into Obsidian…