Mac: text replacements do not work in Obsidian

Hey everyone,

so this is a pretty basic question I suppose, but I am unable to solve it myself. I like using logical notation symbols when writing notes, but since some unicode characters (like ∴) are unavailable from using the keyboard alone, I set up text replacements (via system settings, keyboard, text: e.g. “.:” becomes “∴”).
They work fine in Apple Notes, they work in Spotify, they work here on this website, but for some reason they do not in Obsidian, where I would actually need them. Can anybody help me as to how I might be able to make it work? Thanks a lot!

Hi @freethefrail, this is a known issue with the system that Obsidian is build upon. See this forum for more details:

There is a feature request for it but since it is an Electron limitation, it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

There are great workaround though: Espanso as an app or the Obsidian plugin.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer, Espanso looks really really great!
I feel kind of stupid for not having found the thread myself. But I guess I might not have stumbled upon Espanso without asking. : )

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