[MAC]: Emacs-style (Ctrl-n / Ctrl-p) navigation within command palette

Smallish request! Can you add C-n and C-p keybindings for cycling through the command palette, quick complete, and quick-switcher menus?

It’s fairly standard across apps that I use so I get surprised when it’s not there :smile:


This would be absolutely fantastic.
It’s very annoying to have to move my hands from the home row just to select a file :D.


I’m curious which OS you’re on. I forget how I did it exactly, but I’ve enable limited emacs keybindings globally on macOS. So C-n and C-p work for cycling through the command-palette. Also C-a and C-e to jump to the start and end of the line are very handy

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I’ve also remapped CAPSLOCK to the Ctrl key, and I use pseudo emacs keybinding C-3 and C-2 to split screen vertically and horizontally, respectively

Privatly I’m on Linux, however at work I use Windows and won’t be able to tweak it too much.

Could you please list the option needed for accessing emacs keybinding on macOS? I can access emacs keybinding in other apps but not in obsidian command palette.

I use BetterTouchTool to enable them globally

Will be implemented in 0.15.0. Please note that this refers to emacs-style/mac-only ctrl-n/ctrl-p (not to be confused with vim-style cmd-n cmd-p on mac).

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