Ctrl-J / Ctrl-K Hotkey for navigation within command palette and quick switcher

1. Have you searched for an existing request?

like this:

2. Use case or problem

for workaround of wrong operatoin, I use some commands without shortcut key. so, I use command palette, and need to move right hand for taking a command.

3. Proposed solution

I hope:
ctrl+j: move down in command palette
ctrl+k: move up in commadn palette
enter: to use the command
ctrl+[: dismiss

with these shotcut key, I’m sure to feel so happy.
my hands, too.

4. Current workaround (optional)

move my right hand to arrow keys.

5. Related feature requests (optional)


I didn’t know I wanted this!


In a obsidian, I hope to any operation without mouse, with arrow keys a little.
I imagine my operations for vim-mode, and know others imagine them for emacs-mode.
so, It would be imagined what hot-key is changed to.

I was about to make a separate post, but I think I can tag it here cos it seems similar.

I’ve wanted to have ctrl+j/k in the popup for link suggestions in addition to the palette. It’s pretty standard in Vim, Spacemacs and VSCodeVim as well.

So I guess it’s a related feature request? Enter and ctrl+[ work the same way too.


I really hope this feature will come soon. I use CTRL-J and CTRL-K everywhere I can to scroll in suggestions.


Fully agree. Probably should be customized depending on your preferences (Emacs style or vim style).

Personally, I always try Ctrl-J and Ctrl-K every time I open the command palette, before realizing I cannot do that.


I use Karabiner to map ctrl-n and ctrl-p to down and up arrows respectively. In Karabiner, you can set the mapping only while Obsidian is active.

If any one wants to try, here is mapping in my karabiner.json.

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I’d love to see this!

Any update? Obsidian v0.15.6 already supports using “ctrl-n/p” to navigate, will “ctrl-j/k” to be possible?