Low quality images

Hi, i have seen similar topics but found no fixes.
So, when i paste an image to obisidian- its super blurry.
Image on above - Obsidian
Bottom image - original image
Im using default theme and changing doesn’t help


Hmm now, this is interesting, I don’t know if you read a similar thread from @pyxelr about pasting from OneNote into Obsidian. I was just transferring my notes from Word to Obsidian and I noticed that the screenshots looked degraded in obsidian. So I pasted the screenshot into my screenshot editing tool, and they looked degraded too!

So I went to the original source where I took the screenshot and re-took the screenshot. Then, I pasted it into Obisidian and that solved the issue. The problem was Word which probably compresses images affecting the quality.

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Just for context, here is my thread mentioned by @slowtyper: Image quality degrades after copying from OneNote

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