Image quality degrades after copying from OneNote


I am currently manually transferring all my notes from OneNote to Obsidian. Unfortunately, I have observed that some images copied from OneNote (using CTRL + C) are of a degraded quality when pasted into Obsidian (CTRL + V). Here, I am referring to the images that were inserted/displayed within OneNote’s note, since I am unsure if it happens for the ones attached (displayed only as attached file on a page).

This can be fixed by firstly saving an image on my system through OneNote’s Save As... context menu option, and then putting into Obsidian, but that obviously requires a bit more effort.

Here is an example of an image quality when saved from OneNote on my system (212 KB):

Here is the same image when copied and pasted from OneNote’s note directly to Obsidian (69.3 KB):
Pasted image 20220926203948

For your information, this is a diagram I have screenshotted from a Udemy course, as I frequently do with tools like ShareX.

As you can see, the difference in size is massive, and in quality, maybe not as much, but you can find a difference if you zoom in or enlarge the attached images.

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