Lost files in Sync sometime last 4 days

I doubt this is of much use but wanted to document. I’m running multiple vaults in Sync with a MacOS Big Sur installation and a current Windows machine. Stumbled onto 2 files this weekend that had disappeared from my vault. I did not delete them (not knowingly!) as they were both large Index/MOC type notes. Both represented a lot of work and I was pretty stunned to hover over an internal link and see “file not yet created”.

This was not the disaster it could have been - the windows machine has not had Obsidian opened since last Wednesday. I was able to remote into that machine and copy the .md files for each from the folder they reside in over there. Tomorrow I will back up both vault folders before opening Obsidian on that desktop just in case more files are missing that I haven’t discovered yet.

I realize this is not much help as a bug report as I don’t know when it happened or have any ability to reproduce. Just wanted to document for reference. This occurred sometime after Wednesday noon Jan. 27 and prior to Saturday noon Jan. 30. I’m always using the latest insider release so I was on 0.10.10 for the early part of that time period then updated to 0.10.11. I use several community plugins.

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