Losing my patience

Ctrl+A Ctrl+C (Cmd+A Cmd+C) does not copy text in preview - This bug has been open a while and has not been fixed. Copy Past is something very basic and I have had to struggle doing this with Obsidian.

Is this something that will be fixed with the launch of the WYSWIG Editor - which btw has been one of the most requested features and seems to have been delayed time and time again.

I am sorry if I am complaining, but the two things that I want the most have been delayed forever. Initially Obsidian was very good at launching features that were generally useful. I don’t feel that anymore.

Bug report is not the appropriate section for this. I am not sure thre is an appropriate section for rants, because other than helping vent your frustration, they have no other effect.

I think there is some misunderstading here, there is no official timeline for bug resolution or feature implementation (other than a general what we are working now, what we will work in the future in roadmap). If there is no timeline in the first place, there can’t be delays.

You have the right to your optinions and feelings and to use or not use any software.


Ok, to the OPs question (and mine as well)………
Is there still an ‘issue’ with Copy and Paste working correctly on Mac or iPad mobile, because I’m having the same issue on an iPad Pro. Copy works because I can Paste to another text app (most times :wink:). But I’m NOT having the same success with Paste while in Obsidian. And, any update on Drag and Drop, because that’s not working at all on iPad.

Take a look at the version number of your copy of Obsidian – you might notice that it’s below “1.0”, the magical number that usually indicates the first complete, polished release.

You may also notice that it’s provided free of charge for personal use.

If you require complete, polished software, I’d suggest that you use something with a version number above 1.0, usually indicating that the developers think they’ve squashed most of its bugs.

If you require a guaranteed date for bugfixes, you might want to consider purchasing software that comes with some sort of premium support package.

Right now I’m looking at a software-development tool that gives each licensed user up to 5 annual “major support incidents,” the kind of thing that requires a quick response and may involve new/changed code in the product itself. (Beyond 5 you can purchase additional incidents.) An individual license for this software starts at US$1600/year.

Just food for thought. Perhaps the devs would be open to negotiating a premium support contract with you, but at this point they might be too busy continuing to work toward a release that’s complete enough, in their judgment, to call “Obsidian 1.0.”


I am going to close this BR. if you have specific BRs please search/post in the appropriate section.