Logseq-y behavior - can we make something similar?

Hi all. I love Obsidian for so many reasons, but there’s a feature that is inherent in Roam or Logseq that I can’t recreate here, but maybe someone here would have an idea:

In my work, I have regular 1:1 meetings with people on a weekly basis (same people every week). In Logseq, I can go to my daily note and then sum up my meetings like so:

  • [[Dude one]]

    • notes notes notes notes notes
    • more notes and some to-do’s etc.
  • [[Dude two]]

    • notes etc

and then, when I go to Dude one’s page, I see those notes embedded with the date, etc. And each day that I add notes for a meeting, it will show up automatically on that person’s page.

This way I can enjoy the daily aspect and also have all my notes for that person consolidated comfortably and automatically when I need to review them.

I know I can use transclusions from daily notes into the personal note, but that would not be automatic.

Can this be done somehow we Obsidian automatically?


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Hi @erankatz , have you played with the “Backlinks: Toggle Backlinks in document” command? It puts a section at the bottom of the page that shows backlinks to the current page, and there’s a “show more context” button that will show more of the linking page around the link.

It’s not quite what you asked for, but it might get you part of the way there.

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also, if you want something almost closer to that, you can use plugin below

you would need to install using BRAT (TfTHacker/obsidian42-brat: BRAT - Beta Reviewer’s Auto-update Tool for Obsidian. Part of the Obsidian42 family of plugins. (github.com)) as it is not available via community plugin.

here’s an example. left is normal backlinks, right is query using obsidian-query-control (note that this is another code-block similar to dataview)


I’ll have a look. Wasn’t aware of that option

thanks! that is really helpful

Ok just wanted to share that both solutions suggested here work, but not perfectly.
I could only get the actual meeting notes to appear if I’m using a nest-bullet list like so:

  • [[Dude 1]]

    • note 1
    • note 2


yeah. the issue is identifying what are “parent” and “child”. i think if obsidian want to make any content between header the “child”, i guess it’s possible but maybe will have performance hits (and possibly other unexpected quirky behavior)

since logseq uses lists exclusive for everything, they have the convenience of always having the parent-child relationship (same like roam as well).

fyi, i uses obisidian almost like logseq (that is my notes almost always in lists. so far, there’s nothing stopping me to replicate logseq style list (using outliner plugin), tagging and linking within the list. some quirks are how to handle code-blocks, table and callout (blockquote works fine)

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