Login on desktop and android: login immediately failed despite all correct info

First, yes I did search for this problem and it seems this person had the same issue 2 years ago (and I’m also using desktop/pc version and android app). I’ve done all the same as him and what the comment suggested (seems outdated) and still can’t login on any device. I just made my account and had to signup via browser (signup button on desktop app wouldn’t open anything), made my account, still with the same password I made copied I try to login on the desktop app and on my phone and in both cases I immediately get

“login failed, please double check your email and password.”

both email and password are correct, there’s seemingly no reason for this to happen and happen repeatedly.

What I’m trying to do

I just want to login :frowning:

Things I have tried

  1. double checking I had the right password copied before pasting, I did
  2. typing in password manually vs pating it
  3. tried looking for some sync button in settings or other way to login
  4. uninstalling and reinstalling the app (no loss on desktop app but would be a big loss on phone app) - either way didn’t work.

Just to double check:

  • You went to https://obsidian.md/, signed up for an account, got a comfirmation mail, and were able to login there.
  • You then went to Settings > General → Account in desktop Obsidian, and aren’t able to login?

One thing to note, https://obsidian.md/ and the forum here ( https://forum.obsidian.md/ ), are separate accounts. You want to use the https://obsidian.md/ login for logging-in within the app. If you’re aware, then the issue is something else.

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yup that’s what I did, but this fixed it - it’s confusing that the forum is the first link that comes up on google for obsidian and “sign up” and is so similar but a totally different login to the regular obsidian link.

I recommend directly searching Home - Obsidian Help (or in this case checking https://obsidian.md/) rather than going thru Google.

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