Weiird Login Bug Problem

Problem: when trying to login to the android mobile version of obsidian i receive an error message stating to double check password and email

Tried so far:

  1. ensuring email and password are correct and case sensitive
  2. tried using same email and password to login to desktop version of obsidian, it worked on desktop fine
    3)Downloaded android system webview developer as suggested by one of the login bug threads
  3. resetting password, tried this 3 times, was still unsuccessful each time
    5)uninstalling and redownloading obsidian app

At this point i dont honestly know what else to do so im throwing it out to the internet

Does the error show up instantly or does it take a few seconds to show up?

It shows up instantly

​​Do you use a password manager to generate your password?

Could you try to use a simple ​​password?

Is there any difference between logging in from Settings > About and Settings > Sync?​​

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