Local images in dataview request

Good afternoon.
There is a query that displays a list of books currently being read.
If frontmatter contains a link to an image on the web, then the image is displayed. And if the path to the image in the storage is specified, then no.
How can this be fixed?

###Here is my request

function formatDate(date, format, useMonthDeclension = false) {
	if (date === null || isNaN(date) || date.toString() === "Invalid Date") { 
		return "Не указана дата"; 
	const day = String(date.getDate()).padStart(2, '0');
	const monthNames = ["января", "февраля", "марта", "апреля", "мая", "июня", "июля", "августа", "сентября", "октября", "ноября", "декабря"];
	const monthIndex = date.getMonth();
	const year = date.getFullYear();
	const formatOptions = {
		'dd': day,
		'mm': useMonthDeclension ? monthNames[monthIndex] : String(monthIndex + 1).padStart(2, '0'),
		'yyyy': useMonthDeclension ? `${year} года` : year,
	const pattern = new RegExp(Object.keys(formatOptions).join('|'), 'g');
	return format.replace(pattern, match => formatOptions[match]);

let result = []; 
for (let note of dv.pages('"projects/books/details"')
	.filter(p => p.status === 'processing')) { 
		let authors = note.file.frontmatter['author']; 
		let authorLinks = [];
		for (let author of authors) {
			let authorPage = "projects/books/authors/" + author;
			if (authorPage) {
			} else {
	const start = new Date(note.file.frontmatter['start'])
		"Название": note.file.link, 
		"Обложка": `![](${note.file.frontmatter['cover']})`, 
		"Автор(ы)": authorLinks.join(', '), 
		"Теги": note.file.etags, 
		"Начал": 'Начал: ' + formatDate(start, 'dd mm yyyy', true)}); 

let tableData = result.map(entry => 
    [entry["Название"], entry["Обложка"], entry["Автор(ы)"], entry["Теги"], entry["Начал"]]
dv.table(["Название", "Обложка", "Автор(ы)", "Теги", "Начал"], tableData);

In frontmatter, images are written like this

cover: _resources/covers/Sweet_dreams.jpg
status: processing

Does the following line of text load the image if you put it into a note?


If it does, does the query work if the YAML is:

cover: "![[Sweet_dreams.jpg|130]]"
status: processing

You could test this with the following (assuming that projects/books/details is the folder where the notes and frontmatter are stored):


I don’t know DVJS but the above works in DV queries in local tests.

It doesn’t work in dataviewls.

Any relevance / use at all?

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It turned out to be a solution, maybe not as expected, but still

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