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My daily note has this code (below). I borrowed it here on the forum, I don’t know how to write it myself yet. Every time you open a note, an image appears, but then for some reason disappears. When switching the editor mode (in any direction), it appears again. Why is this code unstable? What am I doing wrong?

const currentHour = moment().format('HH');
let greeting;
if (currentHour >= 18 || currentHour < 5) {
 	greeting = '🌙 Good evening <br> ![[image1.jpg]]'
} else if (currentHour >= 5 && currentHour < 12) {
	greeting = '🌞 Good morning! <br> ![[image2.jpg]]'
} else {
	greeting = '🌤️ Good afternoon! <br> ![[image3.jpg]]'

dv.header(3, greeting)

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It looks fine to me, although it’s definitely a bit odd to put a <br> and the image inside your header.

That might be the problem (?), so here’s how I would do it, by separating the header and the image:

const currentHour = +moment().format('H')
let greeting, image
if (currentHour >= 18 || currentHour < 5) {
	greeting = '🌙 Good evening'
	image = 1
} else if (currentHour >= 5 && currentHour < 12) {
	greeting = '🌞 Good morning!'
	image = 2
} else {
	greeting = '🌤️ Good afternoon!'
	image = 3

dv.header(3, greeting)

Thanks! I’ll try :slight_smile:

AlanG, I don’t understand what it means
image = 1
“1” is what? My file is for example “picture_1.jpg”

I think @AlanG look for the expressions ![[image1.jpg]], ![[image2.jpg]], ![[image3.jpg]]… The only variable is the number: “image” + number + “.jpg”.

That’s why he suggest dv.paragraph(`![[image${image}.jpg]]`), where ${image} will be replaced by the number defined in image

But if you define in image something like:

image = "my image.jpg"

then I guess you can use


But Alan will confirm if true or not.


^^^ exactly correct :+1:


Great!!! Thanks! :smile:

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