Local Find / Search within Canvas

Use case or problem

When canvas grows large, it can be difficult for eyes to directly catch the desired content. It would be great to add a search within the canvas.

Proposed solution

A floating search bar to search the title and content of notes and cards within the canvas. When hit enter, select the note/card, center it to the screen, with the searched word highlighted.

If possible, also make the content of web page searchable. But if it is techinically different, we can also put it into a new FR.

Related feature requests

The discussion in this link also talks about this idea. But since one feature per post, I want to separate the within-canvas search FR from global search FR.


Good idea, I just added “Local” and “Find” into your title for clarity, and so it also shows up if people use the search term “Find”.


I was just about to suggest the same thing.

My use case: I mark certain nodes on my canvases as organizer nodes (eg principles, skills, models). I’d like to be able to search and cycle through the organizer nodes as a means to navigate the canvas.

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This has been partially implemented with the “Jump to Group” feature. I agree that being able to search for cards (not just groups) within a canvas would be incredibly helpful.

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Absolutely essential. I keep hitting CTRL-F and coming up empty


I’m also really feeling the need for this - I’m creating a big map with lots of notes and cards, and it’s becoming a big problem that I can’t search to find where something sits in the canvas.

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Finding items in a canvas is crucial. I have stopped using canvas without the ability to find things in it.


Absolutely true!

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