Live Preview: Support horizontal line (hr) in list items

I first thought - --- makes a hr within a list item. It actually just makes a hr in standard markdown and in Obsidian. The issue still stands.

- line a
- ***
- line b
- line c
	- line d
	- ***
	- line e
	- line f

According to the Commonmark specification you need to use a different character for the list marker and the thematic break: CommonMark Spec (linking to the prior example so the text before the actual example will be visible).

But it only renders in Reading View. Live Preview being the awkward hybrid that it is, the team sometimes chooses not to support things in it. (I don’t know if this is one of those things.)

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Thanks for the clarification!
I updated my example with valid CommonMark markdown. I added some more lines which show it not working both on the same line as the bullet (after line a and line d) and on separate lines (working after line b, but not after line e).