Live Preview: Support footnotes in tables

This is source, live preview and reading view side by side. I would have expected tables to behave the same as they do in reading view, as they basically look and interact like embeds.

I am on the new insider Obsidian version, v0.16.1. Here’s the markdown:

|              |     |
| ------------ | --- |
| content [^1] |     |

[^1]: footnote

we can use simply [^footnote] and this works in 15.9

We don’t support footnotes in tables in LP. Renamed and moved to FR.

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I think you meant ^[footnote], the syntax for inline footnotes.

Yeah I would love to see footnotes supported in tables. Footnotes are very useful to have additional information in a cell, without making the Markdown lines super long, which are very hard to edit.

Also, the support needs to be added to Reading View as well as Live Preview

Reading view works perfectly for me, see the screenshot in the post. What issues do you have with footnotes inside tables in reading view?

Really? The table in my Reading View looks exactly like in Live Preview. Did you upgrade to Obsidian 1.0 yet?

Yes, I’m on 1.0. Maybe you have other things in the mix? Have you tried it in the sandbox vault, with the exact text in my first post, and get no link in reading view as well?

I just tried in the sandbox and same thing. I use the default theme. Maybe you have a special theme?

I tried in the sandbox every time before posting. What operating system are you on? Could you send a screenshot / gif / video of it happening?

I’m on macOS.
Here’s the screenshot of Source View and Reading View:

Here’s the screenshot of Live Preview and Reading View:

Weird that we’re getting different results lol

Steps to reproduce

Create a markdown note with the following content:

Ref to first[^1]

Col1 Col2
Ref to second[^2] text

[^1]: Footnote 1
[^2]: Footnote 2

Expected result

Actual result

Only the reference to the footnote outside the table is rendered correctly


  • Operating system: linux
  • Debug info:

Obsidian version: v1.1.9
Installer version: v1.1.9
Operating system: #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jan 17 12:50:09 CET 2023 5.15.88-gentoo-0.1-desktop
Login status: not logged in
Insider build toggle: off
Live preview: on
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: dark
Community theme: none
Snippets enabled: 0
Restricted mode: on


Sandbox vault

Additional information

Doesn’t help you, but (for the developer’s reference) this seems to work fine on macOS:

Ref to first[^1]

Col 1 | Col 2 
:--- |:---
Ref to second[^2] | text
test | text 

[^1]: Footnote 1  
[^2]: Footnote 2

Does it work with inline footnotes?

Ref to first^[Footnote 1]

| --- | --- |
|Ref to second^[Footnote2]|text|

In reading view its looks the same like yours, but in editing view (live-preview) it looks like my screenshot. I didn’t even get the line above the footnotes in editing mode (live-preview), in reading mode I get it (as said, like yours).

Ref to first[^1]
Ref to second^[footnote 2 (inline)]

| Col1                                | Col2 |
| ----------------------------------- | ---- |
| Ref to third[^3]                    | text |
| Ref to fourth^[footnote 4 (inline)] | text |

[^1]: footnote 1
[^3]: footnote 3

In reading view, everything is readable. Footnotes are rendered at the bottom of the page with a dividing line above them:

in editing view (live-preview), inline footnotes inside of tables are rendered correctly, but different from inline footnotes outside of tables. “Normal” footnotes inside of tables are unreadable, while “normal” footnotes outside of tables are readable:

If the cursor is placed inside the table in editing mode (live-preview), both footnote types are readable (even they are not rendered at the bottom with line above them like in reading mode)

This is exactly the issue I am facing with quote environments!

Live Preview

Reading View

Yes please I need support for footnotes in tables too:

| First name       | Last name |
| ---------------- | --------- |
| Max [^footnote1]     | Planck    |
| Marie            | Curie     |

This is some text [^footnote1].

[^footnote1]: This is a footnote.

In Editing View, the footnote marker in the first cell of this example will not be parsed and the cell will appear as

Max footnote1