Live Preview: improve vertical alignment of multiple paragraphs in lists

Context thread: Multiple paragraphs in list item - #3 by CawlinTeffid

I’d like to have lists where each item has multiple paragraphs. This works in CommonMark but I can’t get it to be aligned in Live Preview.


Here’s the source I used for the above: gist:a557089197dc7a7265756c7fd4c49ae2 · GitHub

The lines are aligned in reader mode. The editor is much more tricky to get it right essentially because it is a text editor that is faking some aspects of reader expirience.

If you care about perfect alignment in editor, you may have better luck using a monospace font.

So, we agree that it’s a bug, just a low priority?

This is complicated. From the user POV, this is a bug.
From the dev POV, this is not a bug (as unexpected behavior).
This is the nature of a plain text editor enhanced to fake aspects of preview.
Unfortunately this aspect is hard to fake or even impossible.

I am gonna move this to Feature Requests.

I understand, thank you.