Live preview: Better treatment of code blocks. Code Wrap, Horizontal Scroll and Smart Indent

I’m a relatively new Obsidian user so I’m sure to some extent this is my own inexperience with CSS talking but I can’t get the CSS snippet work arounds to work. Not sure if there are alternative ways to upvote this feature request besides commenting on here but yeah I have been loving using Obsidian up until now but the lack of horizontal scroll on code blocks is extremely frustrating. Strange that from what I could find online it used to be possible and now isn’t anymore, please bring back this feature! :pray:

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I really want this feature too. I have been using obsidian for a long time, first for learning programming and taking lecture notes, and now for working as a programmer :slight_smile: Therefore, this is incredibly important for me
But in older versions this feature was. Well, it looks like they had a good reason to temporarily abandon it, but the feedback from the developers is encouraging that work is underway.


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A separate scroll bar for code blocks in live preview would be nice.

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This is definitely a pain point :pensive:


Hope to fix it soon, Thanks

I recently purchased a Sync subscription along with Catalyst and invested considerable time in configuring my vaults. Unfortunately, I just encountered this bug now, after finally migrating all my notes from a few different apps, and it severely impacts my workflow. Given that I write code for a living, the inability to properly read and edit code snippets is a deal-breaker for me. As a result, I’ll be canceling my subscription.

I was disheartened to learn that resolving this bug is a challenging task. I genuinely enjoyed using Obsidian otherwise, and it’s disappointing to have to leave due to this issue.

To illustrate the problem, consider the following table. Despite trying various CSS “workarounds,” word wrapping makes it unreadable and impossible to edit:

local-path (default)   Delete          WaitForFirstConsumer   false                  206d
longhorn (default)      Delete          Immediate              true                   16h

Live Preview mode

Reading mode

I’ll be monitoring updates on this issue. If it’s resolved, I’d be more than happy to return as a subscriber.

Editing Mode 是最好用的

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I’ve been able to circumvent the issue with the following snippet: {
    width: 1000px;
    max-width: 1000px !important

Unfortunately, it’s fixed width. but 1000px seems to be enough to read all of my long code

This hasn’t been fixed. A definite pain point for most of the programmers who use Obsidian, and frankly that number should be big!


I didn’t have time to try out vscode editor yet, but hope it’ll improve both code rendering and editing

Sadly no fix yet…

Try out my plugin Code Styler: GitHub - mayurankv/Obsidian-Code-Styler: A plugin for for styling codeblocks and inline code

It doesn’t solve everything but it definitely helps with things like unwrapping code in reading mode. I also hope to mitigate some of the existing issues by adding things like line wrap indentation and wrap indicators in editing mode so wrapped lines are obvious. It also has a number of other out of the box nice features, feel free to check it out.

This thread partially inspired me to make this and every issue raised in this thread is ideally one I’d like to solve so if I can come up with solutions to any of the other issues, they will be added to the plugin in the future.

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I use Obsidian for technical notes and often need to insert things like fragments of log files and output of console commands. Such things usually don’t need syntax highlight, but they need to be kept as-is, without wraps. I used to keep them in the code blocks and this issue with no horizontal scrolling was a huge pain for me.

If you like me came to this page looking for a CSS snippet for enabling horizontal scrolling (spoiler: ther’s no good one, at least nothing mentioned in this topic was okay for me) may be consider a workaround that saved me.

Instead of using Markdown code blocks syntax, use HTML <pre> tags and a CSS snippet:

pre {
overflow-x: scroll;

For me this simple trick solves 99.9% of problems, because the actual code usually is not super wide, while random preformatted text usually don’t need syntax highlight (and thus code blocks). Hope it helps someone!