List section under specific header using dataview

I have a dataview table


TABLE WITHOUT ID Month as "Month", AS Event,
rows.deadline as "deadline", as "date",
rows.lead as "person",
rows.participants as "title"

FROM "My/Folder"

Group by (deadline.year + " - " + dateformat(deadline, "MMMM")) as Month

In this table, I would like to add a column where I would like to print the content found within the section “Summary”.

# Summary
Some Text.

Is there a way in dataview to list the content of a specific section/header?

This may not be possible with normal DataView queries unless there is bulleted text underneath the heading.

Pure Dataview is bad at displaying pure text, it needs to either be in a bullet list or in an inline field. Just for a summary, I would recommend using an inline field, and styling to your liking using CSS similar to that in the post below:

I would do it with dataviewjs (cannot help here now, sorry) from scratch.
Some relevant code to do with returning text content I whomped together with bot help in the past:

Cheers, I currently indeed use inline fields in combination with properties. That works as such, so good enough indeed.

Thanks for the reply.