List of apps that support [[internal links]]?

Does anyone know of such a list? Curious about what other markdown apps support [[internal link]]s to other files in the same folder or in subfolders. (I know 1Writer on iOS works within the same folder.)


Notebag (Windows, Mac and Linux) supports internal links.


Zettlr also supports the exact same internal link format.


A package called WikiLink adds that to Atom.

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Tomboy-ng - Linux, Windows and MacOS

Bear - iPhone, iPad, and Mac

  • DEVONthink 3
  • nvUltra
  • nvAlt
  • The Archive
  • Notebooks
  • Noteplan
  • Connected Text
  • Scrivener (sort of)
  • Tinderbox (sort of)
  • OneNote (sort of)
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There’s an awesome vs code extension


Do you mind elaborating on this?

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Well, OneNote stores notes in a proprietary format, not in Markdown. In addition, though [[link]] syntax is used to create links, those links are permanent, and not “resilient.” You can run into issues really easily if you start moving notes around.
Of course, it is still essential to any well-organized Onenote notebook.

In OneNote, Tinderbox and Scrivener you can use double brackets to create rich text links to new pages. But, this is just some script acting at that particular moment to take whatever is between the brackets and create a page with that name and make a rich text link out of it.

This means that if you import plain text containing [[links]] they are as good as nothing. You would have to manually retype ]] for each link to trigger the script.

Off topic, but I just learned about another VSCode extension that adds even more roam/obsidian like features: I don’t use VS code but if you do maybe this would interest you?


Should those 3 plus ConnectedText not be taken off the list then? I know the title of this thread does not mention markdown, but isn’t that what the comparison is meant to be, since Obs is markdown?

Files are .md but the syntax isn’t pure markdown.
I’d extend the list further to any program that uses the syntax. That would make two lists, but in one place.

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Not off-topic because it does use [[ ]]

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In fact, there are few markdown apps that use pure markdown. Pure md is a bit too restrictive for what we need to do nowadays. I want md + that bit extra, usually inline HTML.

I agree that 2 lists would make a clearer distinction of the types of apps., I think you had a good idea.

Thanks for mentioning Foam. I saw the link in one of the Obs channels this morning (can’t remember who mentioned it) and took a look at it. At 1st sight it looks interesting, but I wonder if it is that different from Obs. For me, the 2 things it has up on Obs are ToC and publish/export. Obs will get those too. I will keep an eye on it. It is still in Preview (alpha or beta?), but worth following - after all, it is similar to Roam, which is quite a unique app.

BTW, I am honoured you suggest it to me as potentially interesting. How come?

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Thanks. I’ve seen that. I think it recommends you installed the above extension, though. See

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Thanks for posting!

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notebag looks like a killer app tbh. odd how no ones talked about it.

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A killer app?

As per the dev’s comment on the Product Hunt page:
Main features:

:keyboard: Fully keyboard compatible! You can throw away your mouse! (But you don’t have to). You can do everything with a keyboard shortcut. You’ve never moved around your note taking app this fast.

:zap: Markdown with instant preview! There’s no preview pane here. You type and Notebag immediately formats your note

:mag: Fuzzy search for notes! If you remember even a few words of the thing you wrote three weeks ago, Notebag will find it for you real quick.

:eyes: An omnibar you where you can quickly go to notes and run common commands. You might know this as “Go To Anything” from your code editor

:label: Nestable categories! Simply write a #hashtag and Notebag will categorize your notes for you. They’re never more than a quick search away.

:link: Linkable notes! Collect all your knowledge and link it. The power of organized knowledge is right at your finger tips. Welcome to a new note-taking experience.

Do these features make it a killer app?