List headings of all connected cards

Use case or problem

When working with a lot of elements and connections on a canvas it can become too crowded to have a good overview of what cards are connected to a certain one. To solve this problem there has already been a feature request to highlight the connections of a card. This would be useful for small canvases, but can still be confusing and tedious because it involves a lot of scrolling if the canvas is large, so that the connected cards are far away from eachother.

Proposed solution

When selecting a card it would be helpful to have an option ‘list connected card’ (next to ‘zoom to select’ for example), where in a small window opens where the headings of the cards with ingoing and outgoing connections are listed, similarly to the link navigation in the note navigation. If there is no heading in a card, one could list the first few words. ( Ideally, when clicking on an element of the list, the view would move to that card. )

Related feature requests (optional)