Linux Arm Compatibility

Use case or problem

I am running Arch Linux on an arm system (Asahi Linux on M1 Macbook).

The universal AppImage binary is not compatible with arm64 on linux.

Proposed solution

Please update the build toolchain to support arm64 on linux.

Current workaround (optional)

None that I’m aware of.

Related feature requests (optional)


Hi @ismirnov , have you tried the arm64 AppImage from the “Other Platforms” download page?

The current arm64 image for 1.0.3 is here:

Same Problem here, the Appimage gives me a segmentation fault.

[1]    9078 segmentation fault ./Obsidian-1.0.3-arm64.AppImage

Please let me know if i should provide more information.

I would also be interested in this!

The same here

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