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Two things I have noticed on the side panel for links: I think the backlinks are expanded by default and the only way to collapse and see a list of all documents without all the detail to se just note names is to click on each arrow to collapse them and then when i click away from the note and come back they are expanded again. Any way to avoid this and collapse them easily and keep them that way?

On the Outgoing links / Unlinked mentions it shows all unlinked terms in the current document in the order they appear in the document with no grouping. Is there s way to to filter these terms or group them so I can look at relevant documents to specific to those terms? Right now it is a matter of simply scrolling down looking for relevant terms. Seems like there is a more efficient way to do this?

Enable the “Collapse results” button above the search field and try again.


This panel lacks the controls and fields available in the Backlinks panel. Don’t know why.

You should search for a Feature request that suits your needs and add your vote, like Add a content box to outgoing links that can be expanded and collapsed like backlinks, or place a new one.

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I didn’t notice the sort control blended in with the theme I was using. Thanks.

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