Add a content box to outgoing links that can be expanded and collapsed like backlinks

Use case or problem

Okay so I’ve got this note - it’s a fleeting note, and its new, so there aren’t going to be any backlinks to it. The backlinks panel is empty. I open up the outgoing links panel. I want to see ambient information about what’s related. A list of page names isn’t much better than just looking at the contents of the page itself. Hover preview on the list of outgoing links is fine, but that requires me to expend effort to see information. It’s not ambient information.

Hover preview on the current outgoing links provides effortful information, whereas being able to see a bit of each of the pages that are being linked to provides ambient information. The ambient information is more helpful.

Proposed solution

What if there were a “forward links” panel, where it showed the first couple lines of each page (excluding YAML)? Look at this screenshot: imagine if there was a content box under each of the page links that showed me the first few lines of that page. Imagine if, like in the backlinks panel, I had these controls to collapse the list into just the titles or expand to see more ambient information. Imagine if I could search within the contents of the pages in the outgoing links.

Then I could have a dynamic panel that’s helpful for me as I’m writing.

Current workaround (optional)

Hover preview. Like I said, this is effortful information, not ambient information.

Alternatively, opening up the local graph view, but that’s still just a list of titles where I have to hover to view any of their content.

Related feature requests (optional)