Linking to a note in a different vault

What I’m trying to do

Hi I’ve already seen some posts on this topic but none of the solutions have worked for me or have found to be thorough.

Basically I want to link a note from one vault to another.

I’ve seen in the following post:

Someone suggested:

There is a way to do that: [note in other vault](obsidian://vault/other_vault/note) will open the note note in the vault other_vault.

However this didn’t work for me with both of these attempts:
[Fast RPG - Obstacle - Infinite Runner](obsidian://vault/Game Design And Ideas/note)
[Fast RPG - Obstacle - Infinite Runner](obsidian://vault/Game Design And Ideas/Fast RPG - Obstacle - Infinite Runner)

And I have copied and pasted the names for both the vault and the note name, so they’re definitely correct. Can someone please tell me what I’ve done wrong or how to do this.


I used the Advanced URI plugin for this.

When the “Copy Advanced URI” command is chosen from the three-dot “more options” menu, the plugin add front matter with a UUID, such as this:

NoteID: 11b85e68-2108-425f-8885-5ba8365b704e

and puts a URL in the clipboard such as this:


With this, you can move the note around in the vault, or rename it, and the link will still cause the plugin/Obsidian to locate the note.

It is very flexible, and I’ve used it successfully for hundreds of notes and links.


Thank you can you please expand on your instructions,

So I assume:

  1. I need the advanced URL plugin for both vaults?
  2. I follow your instructions for the desired vault I want linking to, which will create the link?
  3. Which I then paste the link into a note in the different vault I want linking to the original note?
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  1. You need the plugin in the vault where you create the links using the plugin; which means both vaults if you are cross-linking from vault A to B and from B to A.
  2. Yes, you select a note in vault A and “copy advance URI”, which puts the link on the clipboard, then
  3. In a note in vault B, you paste the link.

Clicking the link in the note in vault B will cause Obsidian to switch vaults and open the target note the resides in vault A.

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Thank you it worked!

For anyone else whos a doughnut like me, you have to make sure you can see copy advanced URI NOT copy obsidian URL.

I then hyperlinked some text which I think also required another plugin called paste URL into selection:

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Just drag and drop a file from one vault to another and it will automatically create the link for You :slight_smile: You can add the brackets later.

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You can also use hook, a little but extremely useful app… I use it to link basically everything…

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