Is there a way to quickly link to another Vault


I was thinking if there is a way to link (and quickly open) a vault in obsidian notes? Just like any other file You can link to in a note.

The thing I was intended to do is creating a Vault inside a Vault so I can focus more on the things I working on. For example I working on notes on animals in general and then I want to work on my notes on spiders. So I have a general Vault called “Animals” where I can see all my notes on spiders, but if I work on spiders I have a Folder called “Spiders” that is in the same time another Vault I can open to not get distracted by lets say notes on lizards, birds and so on. Linking and staring all the Vaults in a separate note to quickly navigate back and forward would be useful. Any ideas how to solve this problem?

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There is a way to do that: [note in other vault](obsidian://vault/other_vault/note) will open the note note in the vault other_vault.
However judging from the description of your application, I’d rather recommend keeping all animals in one vault, and keep them apart through e.g. different folders, different tags or MOCs. Even though the linking functionality between different vaults works, there is much more limited functionality (e.g. no autocomplete).


The problem with keeping all notes in one vault is the mess it creates inside my folders and the mess in the graph view. If I have only one vault for one thing it’s easier, but maybe I don’t put the Vaults inside Vault’s intead I create some sort of Dashboard Vault, where I have links to other Vaults stored. Thanks, it works.


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