Linked Preview Pane Switching to Edit When Opening New Note

Here’s one annoyance I keep having. When I have two panes open, an edit pane and a preview pane linked to each other, and I click on a [[Internal Link]] to a uncreated note in the preview pane, it opens up the new note with both panes in edit mode.

I get that this is an artifact from the fact that you would want a preview pane to switch to edit mode when opening a new note, if you don’t have a pair of linked panes.

Is there a solution to this that doesn’t involve just getting used to opening new notes in the edit pane with ctrl + click?

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It works for me.

Make sure you have default view mode set to preview. Then it should work.

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I didn’t know about that setting, and mine was set to Edit, but it still acts the same after switching it to Preview. I tried restarting Obsidian and the computer, but when I open a new note it always opens in edit mode.

Oh, I see what this setting does now. If I close down all my notes, and open an existing file it now opens in preview. It does nothing to opening completely new notes.

Doesn’t help with my problem though.

Ah, I see what you mean now. You’re right, it only works on already created notes.
I think this is indeed something that should be fixed.

I suggest you make a feature request for it.

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I created a feature request, thanks for the help :smile:

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