Keep Linked Edit and Preview Pane When Creating New Note

Use case or problem

When two panes are linked together, one of them being a preview pane and the other an edit pane, and you create a new note with the preview pane selected they both turn into an edit pane. I want them to stay as one preview and one edit pane.

This happens when you try to click an [[Internal Link]] to a uncreated note, and it happens if you have a preview pane selected and hit the create new note button.


Link to Help post I made in case there was a setting or workaround:

Proposed solution

Have a check that when a new note is created, check if the currently selected pane is a preview pane, and it has an edit pane linked to it, if so don’t switch to edit mode.
It would be even better if it selected the edit pane linked to it, ready for typing.


Yes yes yes.

I found this because I’m having the same issue, and it’s so annoying. If I have one pane that’s set as a preview pane I want it to be a preview pane, and not have Obsidian change it.

Is there no way yet to keep a permanent preview pane when creating a new note?