Link to heading autocomplete showing "No Match Found" when the heading is typed entirely

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a note [[Note]] with a heading like ### Test
  2. Type somewhere [[Note#Tes…
  3. Until you have typed [[Note#Tes everything looks good
  4. But when you type the last letter [[Note#Test the UX will say “No Match Found”

This doesn’t feel natural, and when you have numbered headings, you may end up in a situation where before you type in your last number, you can’t click to validate the link since your heading is not yet visible, but after you type in your last number, you can’t either because you have the “No Match Found”. Hopefully the demo below will speak for itself.

Enregistrement de l’écran 2022-11-03 à 23.43.18

Expected result

Show one match with the correct heading, so that a simple click can validate and finish the link (have the cursor jumb after the ]])

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I’d like to tack on to this by adding that when the “No Match Found” occurs, it also prevents you from hitting [TAB]. I will often accidentally or lazily type the heading in all lowercase, so if I finish I cannot correct it to look “nice” by being properly capitalized. Then I have to backspace a little bit so I can hit [TAB] to correct it, which breaks my flow a tad.

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