Link to file with hyperlink / anchor / different name

When you link to a website you can do this is not the URL, which is:

[this is not the URL](

Is there a way to do that with files? Basically I’d like to do:

(My description is like this)[[202008272355]] even though the name is a gibberish id.

So that I don’t have to render the name of the file as the link?

Try [[202008272355|My description is like this]]


You have two options:

Option 1

Just do as you would normally do with links, like [My description is like this](202008272355). It works

Option 2

Use [[202008272355|My description is like this]]. Obsidian will parse this as [My description is like this](202008272355). However, this does not work with links.

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Thank you! This works.

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Thanks friend, was helpful. Would mind share how did you find out? the “how” helps me further to find answers myself. Is there any source in docs or manuals?

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