Is there a way to create hyperlinks in obsidian, that redirect to a part of a pdf and can be named differently?

I just saw this old post: Link to file with hyperlink / anchor / different name and realized, that I am looking for something, that goes one step further. Basically, as described in the title, I am looking for an option to create a hyperlink that redirects to a specific part of a pdf AND can be named differently?

Best I could do yet:

[this is how i name the hyperlink]([[pdf-link-to-selection-link]])

This produces the following:

this is how i name the hyperlink

The problem here is, that the link to the selection in the pdf doesn’t work anymore. It actually opens up a new note which obsidian partly names after the pdf…

Any tipps on that?

The latest version of Obsidian offers that functionality out of the box.

Just open the PDF, select the section you want to refer to, right-click and choose the respective option. You then can paste the clipboard content in another note.

Yes, but I still want to “rename” this link, which doesn’t work right now, at least not to my knowledge. Do you know what I mean?

If you rename the link, you lose the connection to the selected PDF section.

You could use the alias portion of the wikilink to relable It. Does that meet your needs?

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Ah yes that works! sadly you have to rename it yourself which makes it a little bit unhandy especially when you want to label hundreds of words, but its something for now I guess :smiley: :slight_smile:

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