Link to equations

As you know, in Obsidian you can make links to notes or headers (and block reference in the future?). Especially for scientific researches and students, it would be very useful to be able to make links to equations, too.

Do you think could be implemented?

Do you mind elaborating on what you hope this would look like?

I imagine something like [[e = mc^2]]?

I think something like this:

In the note Relativity

And then in another note I can write [[relativity#eqeinstein]]


This is extremely important for scientists. I would love having something like the example in the previous post, especially if hovering [[relativity#eqeinstein]] shows a box with the referenced equation. I guess we can do something in the meantime using block references or a very low level header.

Is there a plan to support this more natively?

How does block references fail to provide this? I would think it accomplishes this for both single line and multi-line blocks. (Anything that has empty lines before and after it is a “block.”)

Block referencing works. I hoped for LaTeX compatibility (using \label{} and \ref{}). I expressed myself poorly.

For other people who have similar issue, use block referencing: in the note relativity

E = m

later referenced as [[relativity#^einstein-relation]]