Link Metadata

Would it be useful to allow a link to have metadata in the form of tags or perhaps other properties?

Doing so would enable the link itself to have meaning or context.

An example:

[[St Matthew Passion]] has a link to [[@Johann Sebastian Bach]] which could be annotated with #composer, perhaps like this: [[@Johann Sebastian Bach/#composer]]

Searching for #composer would now include a result of [[St Matthew Passion]] → composer → [[@Johann Sebastian Bach]], which not only shows that there is a link but also the context.

Graph databases have properties for both nodes and edges, which is what prompted me to think about this.

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Agreed it would be useful! But I’m going to move this to Help. This has already been discussed and requested. Please remember to search before posting a feature request.

Also check out the community plugin Juggl which can do things like this. You might find it interesting.


Thanks. Sorry I should searched.

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