Link Day Planner with tasks

I recently started using Obsidian and came across the Day Planner and Tasks plugin.
I am very happy with everything so far!

Now my question:
Is there a possibility when I create a task somewhere that it is then entered in the corresponding Daily Note, so that I can see it in the Day Planner?

Or is there another way that I can see every task in my calendar?

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Hello I’m also here for the same question pretty much. I’d like each daily note to have both a tasks section and my daily schedule in it that’s pre-filled based on tasks that I haven’t completed yet and also a preset daily schedule.

I too am looking for this solution. I log my tasks in a daily plugin and I have another file that shows me my Today’s task (including the ones I probably missed in the past and are overdue). Now I want that the tasks which are due for today can be shown in the daily planner.

Here is my solution/workaround

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