Link attachment to page it describes


I do not like to see attachments spread all over the browser file view between my notes as they usually clutter the view. So I can put them all in a subfolder but then I lose the relation between the attachment and location.

Then I did something in obsidian and it created a “” file on accident.

This might be a blessing in disguise where attachments could be hidden but linked to the page they are used in.

The use case is that I have a big gallery of art, but I want to add some comments to my particular drawing, maybe references or materials used.

  • Painting Of A Rose.png is the actual artwork
  • Painting Of A is the file that describes it

In Obsidian I only see “Painting Of A Rose” as a note. It can link to ![[Painting Of A Rose.png]] without problems. When I want to rename the note to “Rose Painting Vermeer Style” the following happens;

  • Painting Of A Rose.png -> Rose Painting Vermeer Style.png
  • Painting Of A -> Rose Painting Vermeer

This will keep my artwork in sync without having to hunt for the attachment in the attachment browser, or actually see it in the same folder.

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When contains link to Rose.png, then it is visible in backlinks pane and can be renamed manually or with help of plugin which is discussed in plugin idea: Attachment metadata for advanced searching
I think, plugin has better chance of implementing this since there are 1677 open feature requests and only few core developers.

@Jorg404: interesting you found this. When I 1st came across it, just after joining Obsidian, I did not realise what it meant. Today I refound, and find it useful.

You now keep your .png files in a separate folder. Where do you keep the .png.mdfiles? In the root folder/vault among the .md files or elsewhere?

@Klaas I store them in the same folder as associated file. Otherwise, I would not be aware of existence of paired file when seeing them e.g. in Windows Explorer. Also deleting, moving, renaming, … would be more difficult when stored in disconnected places.

So that means that folder shows your “normal” notes (e.g., as well as the files. If so, don’t you find that distracting/confusing when you look for something through the file explorer?

In Windows file Explorer I can always filter out certain file type/extension or order file by type.
I do not use use explorer in Obsidian, I organize notes through index/structure/MOC notes. And navigate them instead of folders. I also utilize search and aliases with quick-switcher.

@malecjan: OK, clear. Thanks.