Link all unlinked mentions with one click

I think it will be super useful to have a button to link all unlinked mentions. Link on by one is good, but doing so with lots of mentions is super time wasteful.


Why do you need to formally link unlinked mentions? I don’t think automatic formal inclusion of mentions is recommended practice!

I don’t think it should be automatic, but i should have the option to link them all if I want to.
Why you don’t thinks its this is a recommended practice?

I guess that they only appear in the graphic view if they are linked and i like to have link in my pages to other pages with the same topic


Ah, sure, graph view.

I wouldn’t want to paste links for all mentions into my notes, so I wondered what the use case was.

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Some ppl need to link all button to check all of texts.


Based on what? If a note is a “dictionary entry” for a term used widely in other notes, then having all instances of that term linked back to that “dictionary entry” note is very useful.

Besides, why would there be “recommended practices” for a do-what-you-what freeform tool like Obsidian?


Always linking everything is the behaviour I was referring to in my post. Selectively linking everything is a different story, and both your example of a dictionary note and @matleonii’s example of rendering relationships in graph view are certainly good examples of that.

As for recommended practice… I imagine you wouldn’t advise creating a note for every letter of the alphabet, and writing every subsequent note via embedding strings of those notes? That’s something you could do, but it wouldn’t be a great idea.

This is a contrived example, obviously. But the point is that there’s some threshold for reasonable practice. What that is should drive design decisions.

Also, there are some recommended practices for knowledge management—e.g., Andy Matuschak’s, Sonkë Ahrens’s, or Tiago Forte’s thinking on it. The field isn’t as refined as, say, statistics, but it will be eventually!


I already builded a few notes and when I created a new note which mentioned some keywords that already are the names of existing notes. I had to click the button called “unlinked mentions”. If those could be done automatically, that will be very appreciated.


It seems time flies. After months , is this feature a problem still ?


I’d like to see a “link all” button as well, but I wouldn’t call its absence a problem. We’re seeing some amazing development pace here.

Obsidian started out being great and it’s only got better at each iteration. Yesterday’s v0.9 “graph edition” blew my mind.

There are dozens of feature requests every week. I think we have to understand that even those that eventually get implemented won’t see their way into the app as soon as we might have liked.


Dude, you misunderstood me, when I say a problem, I mean there has been a request here and They did not add that feature. Objectively , I didd not say “harry , harry”. I mean this feature might not be cared by the most of us and developers have put it on the later of the queue.

And i do not think developers have to listen the advices, as decrees, from customers. As a mature team, has their own plan and the investigators would pull them.

What I said early is to make sure this feature’s priority and to know how many of us want it.

I hope developers would not be sensitive and sentimental as you.


First feature request. Please be gentle if I’m missing something here. I did check first if this was available. Hope I didn’t miss anything.

On my research workflow I import papers to a curated research library (obsidian vault). These papers have references to many other papers, some of which are already on my library. I would like to see them connect using the graph views

Currently, every time I load a batch of new documents I need to go through the existing docs and check if there are new Unlinked Mentions coming from the documents that were just loaded. It’s tedious and often leads to missed links that would be relevant for my research.

Please consider adding an option to automatically list all the pending Unlinked Mentions, with options to filter by date, folder, document, tags and search terms.

On top of that, add options to Select All / Link All, to have a batch Unlinked Mentions linking. Also consider adding a fully automated “Accept Unlinked Mentions” activated as soon as you load a new document. Maybe a plugin that you can activate at will.

Obviously, this will be more useful for well curated libraries - Scientific Papers for example, and not that interesting for web copy-paste-archive workflows.

Thanks in advance!


would love it too


+1 This feature would be great.


+1. That would be a super useful feature


I am importing my Bible notes from OneNote, and it would be great to not have to go through and manually link EVERY cross reference. I also use dictionary entries and it would be nice to be able to turn on all of those as well. Please incorporate this soon!


+1 for a feature similar to this.

I would like to be able to import my old notes from other apps and have them tagged with the key areas that I use during my workflow. However, I have 1000s of notes to import and manually updating them would be annoying. If there was a way to select all/or individual unlinked mentions and convert them to linked mentions that would be awesome.

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+1, an option for automatic linking of all unlinked backlinks throughout the vault, either with the click of a button or ongoing, would be great!

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Another request for a “link all unlinked mentions” button. :heavy_plus_sign: :one:


This feature would also be very useful for me.