Line break should not be necessary before the table (strict line breaks disabled)

If I insert a table without a line break before it, the editor won’t be able to render it now:
GIF 2024-01-08 19-11-18

Version: 1.5.3
Disabled “strict line breaks” option

You’re supposed to have that empty line, yes.
It has caused various features in the past and with different markdown engines, so you’re more compliant to the standards when it’s in there.


I already disabled “strict line breaks” option, so I think its a bug rather than “compliant to the standards”.

Licat’s post:

This has been removed on purpose, as half of the markdown implementations on the market requires an empty line, and while live preview previously allowed tables without an empty line before, reading view didn’t, which was inconsistent and people found out that their tables didn’t work elsewhere.

It was a lot more of “hey why does it work here and not elsewhere” and it was much much easier to require an empty line then making reading view allow no empty lines

There’s also a major performance difference

Having an empty line makes parsing much faster

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@scruel , please don’t move posts back into Bug Reports that a moderator has moved out of it. Thanks.

Too sad to hear such decision…

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