Line break in tables

Is there any way to put a line break on the tables in Editor Mode? It’s really annoying.

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I don’t think so. I asked the same thing about expanding the functionality in the Advanced Tables plugin.

You can see the response from the creator of that plugin here:

I am not 100% sure that this means there is definitely not a way to do it with regular tables in Obsidian, but it doesn’t appear very likely.

If you read on within the link above there is talk about some apparently relevant settings within Typora, but you will have to check that out for yourself because I do not quite understand it.

Good luck.

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I read this before posting, but I am not a CSS expert, maybe someone would know a way.

If not, the only way will be to wait for WYSIWYG.

It’s possible. Just add <br> after a word, and voilà.


Amazing! Thanks

Its works. Thanks!