Limit Table View to 10 Rows - with scroll bar option

What I’m trying to do

I’m pasting a lot of large tables from .csv format into my notebook. I want to put text below these tables, but don’t want to have to scroll through all rows to get to the text. Is there a way I can display only the first 10 rows of the table in the note viewer, and have the option to scroll through all the rows inside of the table viewer?

Things I have tried

Looks like Advanced Tables and Dataview doesn’t have this option.

The Obsidian Team is currently working on a new, fully integrated way to edit your tables: Obsidian 1.5.0 Desktop (Catalyst) - Obsidian

Maybe pagination could help with your problem. I just opened a feature request for this:

You can also open another feature request for the scroll bar option if you prefer that.

PS: The upcoming Datacore (basically a better Dataview by the same creator) will have Pagination.

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