Lilypond formatting?

What I’m trying to do

Hello. New forum user here so apologies if I’m writing this in the wrong place. I am an orchestra conductor and I have been finding Obsidian great for score studying and creating concert programs through linked pieces. I have recently started using the lilypond plugin to input musical excerpts and examples into my notes but am having some issues regarding the formatting. I have shared an image of my issue.

As you can see, the music goes beyond the frame and I can’t seem to figure out a way to make it wrap around neatly. I tried using the \break command to move the line down but that doesn’t fix it as the music still goes beyond the borders. I’m a little dismayed as this would have been a perfect use case for myself.

Another issue I’m having is that the length of the frame is far too long for my purposes. The examples I create are fairly short and so I don’t need the full frame length.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Full disclaimer, I will turn into a deer in headlights if css or html is mentioned haha but I am happy to learn!

If you don’t get a suggestion at some point maybe try reaching out to the maintainer of the plugin. When you click on his name in the plugin browser you get this link with his contact info.

I was browsing the forum and stumbled upon this post. Maybe the “wide view” CSS snippet works for you. It is relatively easy to install and try out anyway.

Multiple columns are best to group small
Text blocks/ multiple callout boxes together. Therefore I wouldn’t use efemkays modular columns in this case.

To make this music view scrollable, we would need to know how this plugin defines rendered lilypond data in Obsidian, to be exact how this render rule looks under the cursor in the developer tools .

No guarantee, but try this snippet:
(To learn how to install snippets, look here)

.internal-embed:not(.image-embed) {
  overflow: visible;
  padding-bottom: 0.5em;

Are you sure there’s no theme or snippet to interfere with your lilypond plugin ?

Probably you are quicker to report this issue on:

Just click on issues on top page and describe your issue, you’d need a scrollbar (on the x axis), this is done quickly.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I was able to figure it out. It turns out it wasn’t an issue with Obsidian at all, just head to specify the document size in the code block!

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