Letter "x" between digits is displayed as multiplication sign "×" in both editing modes

Steps to reproduce

  • Open pane in legacy editor or in live preview
  • Manually type character by character: x a1x 2 x 3b x4x5 x
  • While typing, see that every “x” looks exactly like itself (i.e. letter “x”) as it should in edit modes to avoid confusion about content of file.
  • While caret is in that line, press Delete or Backspace or select part of this line by mouse cursor.
  • See that some letters “x” started to look like multiplication sign.
  • You can find that Obsidian did not rewrite “x” to “×” by copying the text into another text editor (e.g. Notepad)

Expected result

During editing operations, represent letter “x” faithfully.
Rendering letter x as multiplication sign is fine in reading mode (+ live preview)
but not in Live Preview when the caret is adjacent to letter “x” or when “x” is selected.
It presents user with false information about content of the file.
Legacy editor should render even less often than Live Preview.
x a1x 2 x 3b x4x5 x

Actual result

x a1× 2 × 3b x4×5 x
Explained in chapter “Steps to reproduce”.


  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Obsidian v0.13.19

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This is a font ligature issue and has been asked before. Change font.

Thank you for quick reply @WhiteNoise.
Can I ask for (a link to) appropriate CSS classes or ideally a snippet to achieve desired behavior in Live Preview, please? Many my older CSS snippets do not work anymore.