Let inline math parsing allow blank spaces adjacent to dollar signs

Could we let the syntax parsing program recognize the words embraced by the dollar signs as an inline math block without considering the presence of blank spaces immediately after and before the dollar signs

For instance, see the following thread.

For a reason, when writing in LaTeX, it is necessary to type a space after a math code, hence the live preview may break down for a moment before typing the following characters after one finishes writing a math symbol.


Yes! Please dev team! This should be easy to fix.

This is probably one of the many showcases of how much open-sourcing Obsidian would help the project. We could just create a PR to fix small things like this and we wouldn’t have to wait.

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+1. The break due to typing space is indeed a bit annoying.

Hi everyone, I made a plugin that frees you from this problem, so check out it!